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  Elk Hunts....

Cripple Creek Colorado Archery Elk Hunt

The ranch is where it all began for the highest quality hunts located in Colorado GMU 59. Sitting at a breathtaking 9,000+ feet in elevation hunters can expect a very tough and challenging hunt with great rewards to those who dare to take on the challenge. The outfitter’s family homesteaded on this ground in the 1920’s and has built an astounding quality of deer and elk management. With that being said it should come to no surprise that the outfitter and his guides have a vast understanding of the land and animal habits from season to season. If wall hanger 6x6 or better bull elk are in your sights running between 320 and 350+ you will be at home here. We have an off balance of bulls with a 5 bulls to 30 cow ratio. This is where quality is even better than quantity. You won’t find this ratio anywhere else that is why we are so confident and successful. Lodging is provided in our newly remodeled ranch house with home cooked meals served daily. Our hunters enjoy their stay here as one of our best hunting areas is in the big field behind the lodge where bull elk can be heard bugling all night and throughout the day right from the front door of the lodge. Archery licenses in this unit are available over the counter and the hunt is 5 days. Due to the high popularity and limited amount of hunters per year on this ranch those with deposits in FIRST secure their spot to hunt this ranch.

Southern Colorado Archery Elk Hunt

If you take 10,000 acres and carve out what is the very best area, the place where you always find deer and elk and squish it down to just over 2,000 acres you get this southern Colorado ranch. The ranch is comprised of finger ridges with pinyon, cedar, juniper, and pine, that all funnel sown into secluded parks and large meadows. Water is always an issue in the west so a small creek for the year around creates water even in the winter in this semi-arid ground with a low amount of snowfall each winter. As far as elk there are 2 major herds of elk that are on the property and off the property. We have harvested many 5 and 6 point bulls. The mountain property has all of the elk hunting a person could ever imagine. The areas elk and deer are closely managed and the sizes are exceptional. The hunting unit is GMU 56 for reference. Lodging and meals are the hunter’s responsibility and are available in town about 10 minutes away from the hunting property. Archery licenses are available over the counter and the hunt is 5 days. 

Northwest Colorado Archery Elk Hunt - 2

The Main Camp is encompassed of several great hunting ranches (ranging from 500 acres to 4,000 acres) that we rotate around to. Hunting elevations range from 6000 feet to 8000 feet. The ranches are in the middle of great game country with prime habitat, many have had habitat improvements expressly for game. We stay at the lodge and leave out by 4 wheel drive each morning to hunt the different ranches, this is a great hunt because we can rotate properties that we hunt, moving with the game and also giving them a rest to keep the game on our properties. This hunt is fully guided with 2 hunters to 1 guide and includes meals and lodging. The lodge is modern and has all of the conveniences of home with hot showers, home cooked meals, land line phone and DIRECTV. Archery elk licenses are available over the counter in this unit. This hunt has Great elk hunting and Second to None mule deer hunting. Hunts are 5 full days.

Northwest Colorado High Country Elk Hunt

The High-Country Tent Camp is a horseback pack-in style hunt with a tent and/or cabin stay. The tent and cabin are warm, dry and rustic in the scenic and majestic Rocky Mountains. You may rotate around from the tent to the cabin as to stay closer to the game you are hunting. Hunting elevations are from 7500 to 9500 feet. It is in unbelievable elk country with a 350+ class bull harvested here in the archery season a few years ago. This is an awesome elk hunt for those looking for a horseback style hunt or for the hardcore hunter. There are many treestands over water for still hunting. You will pack into camp the day before your hunt starts and pack out the day after it is over. It is guided with 2 hunters to 1 guide and hunts are 5 full days.

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