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Mountain Lion Hunts....

Southern Utah Mountain Lion Hunts

Ever been face to face with a huge deer-killing machine? If you’ve never tried lion hunting, you haven’t experienced the meaning of excitement! Nothing in the outdoors compares to the superior disdain in the eyes of a cougar as his gaze catches yours. Every outdoorsman should meet that look, and we are the best at providing you with that opportunity.

The cougar hunting here in southern Utah is great fun. We run some very experienced and seasoned dogs, who come through for us under some of the toughest conditions. We cover ground each day looking for tracks, either by horseback, ATV, or truck. Once tracks are cut and look promising, we're off for what might prove to be a very physically demanding hunt. Quite often, we're hunting steep, snow covered mountains---it's an experience of a lifetime!

We hunt cats in several different units. Please, give us a call and we'll give you more details on buying quota tags over-the-counter or applying for limited entry tags. The hunt price is very affordable. Hunts are 5 days and include food, lodging, packing out of animals, scouting, and a 1x1 ratio of hunter to guide. Hunts are generally conducted between December and March.

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