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Moose Hunts...

British Columbia Trophy Archery Moose Hunts

Our outfitter owns one of the largest hunting territories in Canada at over 10,000 sq miles (6,400,000 acres). He is located in far northeastern British Columbia and his hunting territory runs from just north of Fort St. John, BC north to Fort Nelson, BC. The moose are very large, with the interbreeding of the Yukon/Canadian moose producing an extraordinary animal. Recently our outfitter was awarded the number 1 Bull Moose for northern BC in that year. Most of his moose hunts are for trophy Moose, which must have either a minimum of 3 eye guards or a minimum total of 10 points on one side. He provides hunts for all ages and abilities of hunters from lodge hunts to remote lake hunts and wilderness river float hunts. He has remote cabins, as well as some tent camps, spike camps and various other accommodations such as old trapper cabins. His hunts are done using ATV’s, boats and hiking or a combination of these. Normally he uses ATV’s to get into remote lakes, then use boats or canoes to travel the lakeshores. He doesn’t use horses or planes for access. His moose hunts are done during the rut, with most hunts done near water bodies or rivers. Bowhunters are typically taken to remote hunts where they are alone with the guide or one other bowhunter/guide at the most, depending on the lake size and game numbers. Hunting is done by calling and or stalking moose that are aggressive and in the rut. He may use stands of various types near lakes or wallows. Archery moose hunts typically are done from October 1 – 10 inclusive to take advantage of the moose rut and minimize warm weather issues

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