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Whitetail Hunts....      

Kansas Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Ever dream of hunting those trophy Kansas whitetails that you see on TV so often? Well here is your chance. We have an excellent outfitter in southeastern Kansas who leases about 13,000 acres of prime deer habitat. This Outfitter has guided on the property over 25 years and is a avid bowhunter. The trophy quality is unmatched on this hunt. The largest buck taken with a bow last year gross scored a whopping 204 inches! Also from the use of game cameras, the outfitter estimates he currently has over 30 bucks on the property scoring between 150 to 200 inches. And that doesn't count the 40 plus 125 to 135 bucks that should put on about 20 inches of bone this year. To maintain this excellent trophy quality the outfitter spends 365 days per year maintaining food plots and feeding protein to the deer. This supplemental feeding program sure increases the antler growth. Food and lodging are included in the price of the hunt and accommodations are very nice. You will stay in a modern lodge with all the accommodations of home including cable TV. You definitely won't be roughing it! Deer licenses are available on a draw basis with a deadline in late April but applicants are generally 100% successful. Archery hunts take place in late October, November, and early December. The outfitter intentionally doesn't guide the early archery season or muzzleloader season to reduce hunting pressure.

Hurry and book your trophy whitetail hunt before we fill up!

Southeast Montana River Bottom Whitetails

Southeast Montana is a sleeper spot when it comes to bowhunting trophy whitetails. We have an excellent outfitter there along the famous Little Powder River who leases about 150,000 acres of prime deer habitat. The whitetail population is very high and you should see tons of bucks and does coming in and out of the alfalfa fields. Due to the large number of deer, the success rate on nice bucks is very high. The trophy quality is excellent also and mature bucks generally range from 130 to 190 inches. The hunting method for whitetails is from ladder stands located along the river bottom. Stands are generally placed on the edge of large alfalfa fields and the deer are ambushed as they come and go from the crop fields. The outfitter caters to bowhunters and has guided many celebrity hunters on his hunts including Keith Warren on an annual basis. This is a testament to the awesome hunting there. Deer licenses are available on a draw basis with a deadline of March 15 but are 100% successful. Archery whitetail hunting is generally conducted in September. Food and lodging is included on all hunts. This hunt can also be combined with an archery antelope hunt.

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