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Antelope Hunts....

Gillette Wyoming Archery Antelope Hunt

We have an excellent Wyoming antelope outfitter. The hunting area is near Gillette in unit 23. My outfitter leases about 16-18,000 acres of private BOWHUNTING ONLY exclusive land. Hunting is from portable blinds over waterholes which is a very productive method of hunting these animals. The area is also hot and dry which leads to hot action at the waterholes. This area has an excellent population of antelope and you should see from 30-100 antelope come to water each day. The success rate has been close to 100% for several years and you should get multiple shots. If you can pass smaller bucks, the success rate for Pope & Young bucks has been very high with mature bucks generally averaging 70-74 inches. Licenses are undersubscribed in the area and you should have no problem drawing a tag (May 31 deadline). There are usually even leftover tags after the initial drawing. The season begins August 15 and runs to the end of September. Food and lodging are included in the price and lodging consists of a nice remodeled ranch house.


The outfitter was exceptional. We arrived 1 day early and they were happy to accommodate us. We hunted on the day we were supposed to arrive yielding a shot for my son James but misjudged the yardage and missed at 30 yards. Dinner prepared by the outfitter's wife was excellent. Accommodations very comfortable and quiet. We shot both our animals on the same day from separate blinds. James blind was very active all day with animals and eventual took a perfect double lung at 18 yards. My shot was 42 yard right thru the shoulder and he dropped in his tracks. The guide was an accomplished hunter and guide. Overall very hospitable group, good blinds and water holes, lots of animals, good accommodations and a very joyful hunt.

Brooks Hoven


Southeast Montana Archery Antelope Hunts

We have an outfitter in southeast Montana that offers some awesome archery antelope hunts. He leases or owns approximately 150,000 acres of prime, private antelope country. The terrain is along the breaks and badlands of the Powder River basin. The success rate, quality, and quantity of antelope are excellent. Last year the archery success rate was 95%! The area is loaded with antelope and the trophy quality is excellent. Most mature bucks will score in the 70's. Most hunting is from permanent or portable blinds located adjacent to waterholes which is a very successful method to hunt antelope. The area is hot and dry in August and September. The custom made permanent blinds are well built (see below) and offer the advantage that the antelope get used to the blinds. The blinds are also elevated which gives you the opportunity to see further and gives you a better shot angle. The antelope are also hunted by spot and stalking and decoying which can be very productive especially later in the season during the rut. Food and lodging are included in the price of the hunt and lodging consists of cabins located near a central ranch house and meals are home cooked. The license application deadline is June 1 and archery licenses are easy to draw. The archery season opens August 15 every year and goes to late September.

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