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Black Bear Hunts....

Idaho Spring Black Bear Hunt

Our outfitter’s region of Idaho offers some of the best bear hunting in the United States in the St. Joe and Clearwater National Forests in units 7 and 10. There is a 2 bear limit indicative of the excellent bear population. This region features the unique occurrence of the 4 color variations of black bear. Our harvest for the last several years, has been 50 to 60% color phase bear. When blacks are chosen it is generally for large size or prominent "V" marking on the chest. Located in the lush Bitterroots our areas boast some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere. The spring weather is generally mild with wet periods. Best of all for our bear hunters on stand - There are NO BUGS. That's right, none of the plague of black flies you will find in the Canadian Provinces while spring hunting. Our outfitter maintains close to 100 bait sites. He generally takes 6 hunters per week per camp and runs 90 to 100% success with all take methods combined. Bears average 5 and 1/2 to 6 and 1/2 feet in length but every year we take a few 7 footers as well. Average weight may run from 160 to 250. Our unit 10 area offers a 2 bear limit for an extra charge. Depending on which camp you choose, we have cabins or wall tents for housing. Both have wood heat with comfortable cots and foams. You will need sleeping bags. Hunts are 5 full days and occur in May and June.

This is what one of our happy hunters had to say about the hunt:

Matt, just wanted to thank you for putting us onto your Idaho bear outfitter. I just wanted to let you know what a great experience Andy and I had hunting with Joe in Idaho this past week. The hunting was fantastic, the food and accommodations were great and Joe and his people were just absolutely outstanding. This past week was not only a great hunting experience but one of the best vacations I’ve ever had, period. I know you and Joe get most of your clients as repeat business and by word of mouth but please feel free to use this note as my testimonial and to have prospective clients who want references call me. My only regret is that I’m not still there. THANK YOU! I will come to you when I am looking for a hunt anywhere. You are great at what you do.

Geoff & Andy Orf

Quebec Canada Spring Bear Hunts

Our outfitter’s bear camps are located inside of a wildlife reserve in Quebec, Canada. We are the only bear outfitter allowed to host hunters within this huge reserve. Our camp is within easy driving distance of many Eastern US cities and if you choose to fly in to Montreal, we are only a quick 2 hour drive north. We hold exclusive bear hunting rights on over 1,500 square miles of wilderness bear territory. These vast areas are bordered by two parks that do not allow hunting. This makes for more than 2500 square miles of wilderness where only 32 bear tags are issued. These conditions combine to give fantastic bear densities AND old age class bears. If you are looking for a record book bear, this is the place to hunt them. We specialize in archery hunting and have a 100% shot opportunity since 1996. Accommodations consist of nice cabins.

Gila New Mexico Black Bear Hound Hunts

Are you looking for a successful black bear hunt? Look no further! The black bear population in New Mexico is at an all-time high. I use well trained hounds and hunt them from the rig using the weapon of your choice. Once the dogs strike, the race is on! It's just a matter of time before the bear is treed. I use 4 x 4 trucks and ATV's as needed, as well as radios for communication and GPS tracking equipment. This allows me to make the most of your hunting time. There are different color phases of the black bear family, brown, red, blond and chocolate and you'll find them all in the Gila Wilderness. We have excellent bear habitat that is easily accessible by numerous roads. I do all the bear hunting myself. On occasion I also hire qualified, licensed guides to assist in the hunt. This allows me to cover more country and increase your chance of success, because 100% success is what it's all about. All of our hunting will be conducted from nicely accommodated camps, which consist of two men 10 x 12 wall tents with beds, mattresses, lanterns, heaters, hot showers and a large cook tent. Bear season is on a quota system. The season runs from mid-August through late-November, or until the quota is reached. All bear hunts are 5 day hunts. License must be purchased 48 hours before your scheduled hunt date. They are over the counter license. They are guaranteed licenses that I can assist you in purchasing.

British Columbia Spot and Stalk Trophy Bear Hunts

The North Coast of British Columbia is home to some of the largest black bears in the world. Lush berries, heavy salmon runs, and a long growing season create an environment for extraordinary body and skull growth. Every year we harvest many bears in the 6 ½ to 7 foot range, with several bears topping 7 ½ feet. Skull sizes range from 18 to 21 inches. It is important to note that of the Top 10 bears ever killed in British Columbia, 7 out of 10 were killed directly in and around our exclusive guiding area! We hunt B.C.’s epicentre of record book bears. British Columbia’s bear population is flourishing. Right now the number of bears in the province is estimated to be at a historical high of 160,000. Our hunters routinely return from their hunt having seen 40 to 50 different bears in one week. These high densities make this a perfect opportunity for a spot and stalk archery hunt. Our outfitter offers two different options for the spring black bear hunter: A lodge hunt, and a remote coastal boat hunt. Hunts are conducted using spot and stalk methods only. No baiting is allowed. We’ve found that there are few things more exciting than finding yourself face-to-face with a big coastal bear with nothing but a bow and arrow!

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